Friday, June 17, 2016

Sleague friday, tampines rovers beats balestier khalsa and england, the three lions

Tampines rovers beat balestier khalsa, with the score of 3 - 2.

I watched the euro 2016 match between England and wales outside in a venue last night.

A full house i must say, when England scored the cheers and shouts of goals were deafening. The pool of followers were the majority of epl. In singapore there seems to be more people liking English football. A minority were supporting wales, i can tell you that it was years ago since i experienced this kind of crowd, but when compared it is still not like the lions roar back in the 90s.

Those times, the whole apartment block roared, like there was a earthquake, 7 or 8 on the scale, i foresee decades if not a century, i will not hear or even feel the roar unless i am in a stadium of a well supported team. you can even feel your feet got wave, like you are walking on water.

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