Friday, June 24, 2016

Step by step

Hello readers from the united states, i wonder it they are real people reading this, anyway since many are from north America i will like to share something from the united states.

This person his name is vitaly zdorovetskiy, he is a YouTube star, i believe now you would assume what am i talking about. It is not about promoting someone or something. It is about an idea and fulfilling your goals in life.

How many people have goals that they want to achieve, dreams to fulfill, things to do, not many, for that matter at a young age, most importantly keeping to that desire. Then taking the long route to success, it can be define in any way as long as you deem fit.

Then it leads to the subject of how can i do this, some will take the whatever it takes direction, by hook or by crook, some step by step, some will be met by failure, it is because in order to meet success you first must meet failure. i rarely hear of one shot one kill stories, majority of stories are that they did not do well, some lost lots of money, some even lost their arms or legs. But what can be sweeter that the sound of victory. 

Back to the main story line, vitaly at least on the video channel is label as a prankster or marketer, he pranked the world cup, he prank the NBA finals. He was arrested by the police, negative as it may sound, he is motivated. I do not want to talk about the process, everyone says that the journey is important, yes it may, it certainly has bearing on the final result.

It can go on and on, surely some of his pranks are fixed, no doubt about it. His account of how he is today is indisputable. I do watch some of his videos as i like refreshing ideas and entertainment, his new invention of stunts and all, it take brains, hours of work to make, plan and execute. You may even be threaten with violence, there are consequences to your actions, those by-products are needed for you to learn or develop in many areas.

Retribution will come sooner than you think, the main difference is the hard work, why does is matter, it is because no one can live your life for you. Only you can live your life.

Day by day, little by little, show your might, and it will show you the way.

If till now, you do not know who he is, here is a video of him. enjoy.

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