Monday, June 20, 2016

Hari raya bazaar or pasar malam in singapore and small rant

Hello readers, have you been to a night market before, i am sure you have.

There is one i recently go, from food to hand phone stuff, the crowd, sure go must go, i will take pictures on Tuesday or as soon as possible, do not worry, these events run for weeks even months.

On a side note, i saw the seniors or should i say followers or occasion talkers about the football league in Singapore, actually, you glory hunter, talker, or whatever all same. Unless you do something. Talk about the sense and digits, even better remove those in power. Mostly likely no guts or excuses, maybe one day i will do something when the time is right or i will just leave.

At least you put in some effort once or do an action, an activity or movement, constructive more.

Got work, school or family, i know its hard but if you care about something, no matter what you will still love it right, that is passion.

Why did i do this blog, partly because of all the football blogs or related online media disappeared, cease of exist, not updated, information about local Singapore gone, i think either they were tired or simply did not care anymore.

Many to list, for example, kallang roar forum, liga singapura,, so many special, detailed items, I just will like to contribute my little effort as long as i push, as long as i am living.

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