Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cheerleader to spice up your day !

Hey readers, to spice up your day i have this cheerleader whose name is park ki ryang.

She is from Korea, she is tall, full of energy and can dance very well.

Those who like to watch cheerleaders that adds color into sports for example, can take a look at this lady.

She just recently release a music video, once she was voted top number one cheerleader in Korea for a poll. If she is your thing or not, why not watch the videos below to see her zest so that you can spark the power in you to move for the week, either in work, school or sports.

She has a Instagram account but i think its in Korean, but she mostly is active for the lotte giants in busan South Korea, while active in basketball during other seasons. You may want to watch baseball if you have never, i certainly will like too.

It may even be funny or cute, she is hot i think, at least for me with her vigour and health. Remember take at least a 10 minute stroll or jog or anything that rocks your boat to keep the mojo running boys and girls.

This first short video is a kpop song with her fan cam solo.

To those who think only female cheers only, males also in Korea, she is with a male colleague in action.

Finally to showcase her latest music video, a slow yet upbeat tune. Enjoy your day ahead ! smile.

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