Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The singapore and Hong Kong football connection, 新加坡和香港足球

Hello readers from china, i welcome you to my blog.


Today i shall talk about the relation between singapore connection to Hong Kong football.

Actually it is just a person from Hong Kong who give me a football brochure years ago.


The brochure show me a lot about football in Hong Kong, the teams and the long history of football.


Teams like south china, and the recent rise of kitchee, i did follow the kitchee bluewave for a while, they had a football club song that is very catchy, even had a lady to host the YouTube channel, i believe then there was 2 or more ladies hosting the media channels.

球队像南华,以及最近杰志的兴起,我也跟着杰蓝一家一会儿, 他们有一个足球俱乐部的歌曲,甚至有一位女士主办的YouTube频道, 我相信现在有2个或者更多不同女士在办媒体渠道。

This is the brochure picture, the front cover page.


I believe many football players in singapore have played in Hong Kong, since years before i was born till the recent times. 


There are many similarities in Hong Kong and Singapore as a country in terms of size but i think Hong Kong is a more advanced in areas of fashion, technology or media, there is not just a scene in those mention sectors, it is a big money business, robust industries and top economy that is world class. 

在香港和新加坡有很多相似之处作为一个国家在规模上,但我认为香港是一个以时尚,科技或媒体领域具有较先进的地方,香港不是一个小场景,这些是强大的产业, 香港经济上是世界一流的。

Today i hope you have enjoyed my writing.

今天,我希望我没有写错中文, 文法可能是错误的, 请多多包涵

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