Sunday, March 28, 2021

wanna makan with rafi Ali

This show with raft Ali has shown a lot of insight about the singapore football scene, the link is shown below.

It shows that the youth system has failed in singapore, we have let the players who were interested in this sport down.

Many have given up or lost hope, but some manage to pull their power and got to into the first eleven of the team.

One question that must be answered, has the youth really been that bad, or is the whole system that is just wrong. 

For sure the system or community or sphere whatever that is, is not suitable for growth in Singapore's context, who or what for that matter, sports.

It has been lost for many years, many have written including me, a recent post that I found out also says that.

Singapore is so small that most things cannot survive on their own without help, thus what is the next move?

Perhaps it is time to not just relook, like what I saw in a recent online post, either wholesome change or simply just put the money in more useful things, maybe even kayaking or the trend, esports.

We are small, just do what we can before we even compare ourselves with giants like Japan, Korea or even china, this includes the saudis or Jordanians. We cannot even win Thailand, is anyone awake or dreaming.

A goal without a plan is a dream.

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