Wednesday, August 23, 2023

AFC champions league playoff, Shanghai Port (1) 2 BG Pathum United (2) 3

The results say it all, firstly i would like to thank bangkok glass for showing the full match on their channel.

From the start is was abit off for the thai side, but then it all was even steven.

Stewart from singapore play well against oscar and it seems that he was off or unwilling to play for the first half.

I could see that the thai side was lacking in understanding but somehow manage to attack and score well.

Messi jay put in his shift and made the time on the field felt like watching his rise while he was in learning his ropes in muangthong.

I was really thankful that the singaporean duo played, a good experience so that they learn a high level of football for asian football in real life.

I felt like i was watching buriram united when they won at home with the japanese side, i remember some moments which i watch live and felt the rising tide of thai football to the world stage.

Now is seems that more clubs are doing well in thailand, i hope more clubs will do so, maybe the best league in south east asia. 

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