Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Goal 2034 ? manage the league properly first

Goal 2010, goal 2034, goal 2100, all these are words, nothing more.

The solutions are easy to solve the problem, just do it. A scheme, I wrote about this along time ago, Japan had a 100 year plan. Singapore should follow, no.

Just a layman will also understand, e sports is all the rage in singapore, sports has been lost, more youngsters are playing games, not football or other sports in general.

It is impossible for Singapore to be at World Cup level for as long as the trend of sports is going down.

The league is just a Sunday league, the important matters are still not adjusted. Lack of will, many for show talents in charge.

If singapore cannot support 3 tiers of football, just 2 will do. No young lions, just 8 teams per level, done.

Club permits should be issued only if they fulfil the requirements, from money to having managers, coaches and players, if able to meet afc standard, the rules are all listed, just follow.

Top tier should be all teams operating like business, I just write about this only, the 2nd level should be just anyone can register and play as long as they meet the requirements.

FAS just to operate as a gatekeeper and lend the location, I wonder what is wrong always, from there I understand all is wrong.

Adjust simple to do, even if cannot 2 tiers, just one, is anyone listening.

The truth is we cannot even win Malaysian football, that was not the case years ago, talk about World Cup, some people are living in their dreams. One even said that we should go back to Malaysian league, that is an option but only for the Singapore football scene itself to decide.

Some people cannot handle the truth, I have done my part, by writing, I cannot be a player, time gone for me, just an observer by the side.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Maybe Kpop style of management will work for Singapore football

The death of Singapore football has been set in stone. What is the next big thing ?

Either a radical change in direction or just go back to 1994.

But a cool idea is that the Kpop cadet scheme, in Korea a group of young people are given the huge task of trying to be stars. Drawing inspiration from that system, which may work.

First the potential students just come, or in some agency go for an audition, if you are selected you are in so to speak, this can be one way of doing things, with limited man power and less resources, it is best this way, only the fittest survive, anyway only the elite should play.

We are talking about professional football, salaries should be at 5000 dollars, it is only right to select the top and performing ones only. strictly we should only aim for 20 plus players only for an age group.

If they are at a high level like running at 7 mins pace for 2.4 km, the standard should be at Thai or the maybe even the chinese level. Potential talents could be recruited from grassroots session or scouted on the streets.

The fun part is here, talents for Kpop are just grab from the streets, yes simple as that. We should scout for tall players for centre backs, long limbs for the goal, most essentially the midfielders, at least 1.75 and above with agility.

Invite players like for a dialogue session, where no stings approach, meaning once signed at a young age, you are just like an employee, grading sessions per week or month until you reach 18 or debut.

All football club should just operate like business similar to Kpop style, it was done before, venga time. The business should only take up the task of creating talent as part of business. No bullshit, a brand image and identity should be trademarked, like what SM entertainment has done, for a while it was manage not in a correct manner, but after having a ceo, a cfo with a operations director it became a lucrative industry.

Next even list or an ipo, export should be the norm, no local glory, only money, with a real huge pay check then it becomes a career or you can be star, not a person who is unknown or even disrespected by the public.

The scene is gone for sure, nail in the coffin, more dead than dead, after watching a school boy vs a well planned and mature adult, I am saying the Singapore league against the Thai League.

I am writing this as I cannot sleep, maybe even the little left good things are going to stop for football once and for all.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Singapore government does not interfere with the football sports association

The Singapore ministry does not support or care which is correct and 100 per cent well done. The article from the newspaper, link below is the best news so far from this land so far this year.

Sports is not link to the popular vote, it is no concern at all, first is always economy, that is right, but the thing is for Singapore, I doubt it is from free will, it has most from. pressure from Fifa perhaps. Many comments on facebook, nothing to share, some valid of course, views like the committee must leave if they are unable to achieve the goal.

One thing is for sure, the management must fall if they fail to achieve the goals. For me give credit when they earn it. Not begging, money for the households who are really needy, father in jail with young kids to care for or the old who have no work, spend money on this is better. I feel that the people on top, the rulers seem to be listening.

I guess they are scare they lose power or simply become nothing, from history, most powers do not stay long, a question of when the time comes.

A word of advise for the football association, if you are something, prove it, get sponsors, not wayang all the way. If you can achieve the goal, it means you really have amazing ability of management.

However in reality, football died many years ago, for me when the sleague changed name. Officially that is, since then in real life things have been going down.

For the readers in Singapore which I think are rare, for seniors, age 65, gyms are free, this is another great news and well done Singapore government. Actually public pools, running tracks all these should be free for seniors above 60 and below for reasons of health, 65 is too late.

I had an idea that, void decks could be used for gyms or running tracks, is anyone reading, or if possible gyms and tracks at specific location open for 24 hours like anytime fitness for all to use, put a cctv for live view to check for usage and security issues.