Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Asian cup and the singapore legends has spoken

As of now, Japan are one goal down, and the legends of 1994 have spoken, no talented in the team now, I totally agree.

Nothing much to say anyway.

Google if you can to read the whole view that they have.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Long time no see, Singapore football still has supporters, the real ones

This video I found online, there are people who still supports Singapore, not just the football, but supporting with their with hearts and soul, with football as the medium.

The football culture is here, but still a minority of die hard, not the die hard fans club, but the others.

Singapore won by a huge scoreline in the Suzuki cup but is there anything more, much less.

The Thais seem to be losing without their superstars, looks like an open group for now.

I just hope people can see the light when there is darkness, it is hard but we are Singapore. 

True to void deck boy style, death before dishonour. 

May the best man win. period.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The season of football has ended in singapore

The season of football has ended, nothing much as changed.

Some say good some say bad.

True to void deck boy style, the true Singapore football style has not even been defined.

Only looking back, which has no bearing at all.

It is not uniquely Singapore to have this style but it is only in Singapore to have people who have little to no understanding on the ground, not just the grassroots but the footballers who are playing football.