Monday, September 3, 2018

SG football tv, support them

Hey guys, I found this sg football tv, fun things, good videos. please share, a video below is shown.

Now about the Asian games, Vietnam seem to be on a good track, Thailand seems to taking a slack on youth, without a clear plan or lack of desire I suppose.

In south east Asia, only Singapore is lacking, even Brunei I guess is making some improvement but is here and there.

As a whole we are still the same, but the gap between us and east, west Asia is still huge. Just like lee Seung woo, without him I guess son Heung min might have a hard time to get gold.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Chinese Taipei draw with Palestine, 相信自己永不放棄

The Taiwanese football has always made me see them like us Singapore in football terms.

But they drew with Palestine, their team, while Singapore has done not much.

Their results has been good since years since, I guess, I did not go find out more, but one thing is for sure, they made history.

Their Facebook page is there below, go Taiwan.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Long time no post, so its match day !

There is a match today ! I hope they win, cause its a local team, home united.

It is showing on fox, I guess and also at Jalan Besar. I hope it is a entertaining one for the fans.

I will post more, if there are interesting news or stuff, thanks for all the readers who still reads or just anyone ! thank you.