Monday, June 14, 2021

Asian World Cup games and euro comments

The usual games for the asian World Cup has started again, Korea and Iran are the ones that are winning.

The interesting one is the game of Malaysia and Vietnam, the penalty given for the second goal, that is funny, till now still no reviewing.

For the euros, I watch the full game between England and Croatia, a good game, but England has a bright spark, slightly more creative therefore winning the game.

More football please, not the usually winner and losers, maybe England to win the euros, we are still at the group stage, many will still be warming up. 

After match day 3, we will have a better view of things, I will like to see more goals if possible, more sports events please, I hope to see olympic football also.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Things to do in Singapore!

I will certainly like to thank Bangkok Glass for putting a nice article about Singapore with irfan as the model. 

The link is as shown below.

I will go and visit Thailand for sure, I hope singapore football can learn from the Thais, what they are doing right.

A recent article about the new project, I did not read up much, but I just watch a league match last night, nothing much has improved, the old is still good, the new is still nothing.

Friday, April 30, 2021

The local league crowds are back

I watch the match whereby Hougang was playing lions city sailors, not bad crowd for a football match I must say, I was watching online, I was just clicking on youtube and the feed just came up, I was preparing for stuff for the next day. A post with link below.

Matchday sg has some comments, support your local leagues today, go to the next live match and watch a match for your own viewing pleasure.

Take care and please wear a mask, may the Covid be under control soon in the world. peace