Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Local movie Number 1 wins Best Makeup and Costume Design at Golden Horse Awards 2020

Mark lee and friends have made singapore proud, mister azni samdin and Raymond kuek who are the designers for their best makeup and costume design.

The trailer part below shows how good is the design, all the details, singapore and the region has talent.

All the best to the two winners, The movie scene has more to say then the sports news around this region. I have watched many movies this 2 months, this number 1 is now in cinemas, a 5 out of 5 stars movie, sure must watch.

Also a lot of movies are coming out, I have watched some, a lot are good ones, foreign or even local, please support your local cinema, if not the economy will not recover, I decide to go out more often because this covid might cause a lot of events for all sectors, therefore I urge all readers to support this local movie, check your local listings.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

S'pore footballers too comfy, mentality change needed to progress

An article has spoken, I guess not many people care, even those who are playing in the league.


I said before, the coach has said it, all points are clear. 

No need to repeat, maybe it is time to watch more movies, I hope and wish all who are reading this, thank you, perhaps time to change to more of a movie review of sorts.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

The tunnel


I watch a movie from Norway, titled the tunnel, I paid money for this, I never watch films from them normally.

A good film, the trailer is above, the trailer shows most of the things, but some scenes are just set up nice.

Please go and support this movie, a direct movie I would say it, a simple story to understand with some twists.

4 out of 5 stars, I would never have thought films from Norway could be great to watch, refreshing for some reason.

Movies from the states or India are ones to watch, now even china and others are catching up, I will like to watch more genres, any director reading this, create more movie of not just action, but romance even comedy storylines for the masses to watch, like a mister bean but not from the English speaking world or any movie producing countries.

A movie from Mexico about funny stuff would be a real idea to consider for a theme, I do not hear movies from Africa much, but seem some short clips. A action science fiction would be truly amazing.

I think I will watch an asian film next, not much news about football in general, the Thai league has started, leagues will start soon around the world. More entertainment will be resuming, just support them when they do start, sports or movies.