Sunday, June 21, 2020

T - 34

Long time I have never seen a nice movie, here is a movie titled t - 34 a Russian movie about tanks.

The trailer is already well made, seldom do I hear about Russian movies, I found about this movie a long time ago but I still have not watch it in full because I am unable to find a dvd in English version.

I found but in Chinese, I hope Russia or whoever the film maker sells the copyright to in Asia, please do a English dudded or subtitles, I will buy, years since I buy a dvd but this looks like a great maybe even considered a outstanding movie that can fight with the worlds best movies.

Anyone who has a link or knows where to buy one with English please reach out to me, the funny thing is all I hear about Russia is the USSR, russian sports and most importantly Putin. If any Russian movie I will support, I hope more t - 34, maybe even movies about Russian life of villains or normal people.

For everyone out there, watch this movie trailer, it looks damn interesting.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Singapore atrium sale on facebook

If a good page that reflects Singaporean nature in style, no doubt this page named Singapore atrium sale is the one for the win. The link is shown below.

The page shown sales and plentiful good deals, mostly sharing by fellow readers or like minded viewers.

From plants to shoes at good prices. for worldwide and those in Singapore, this is a page that you must see for yourself.

The person who administer the page should be given a two thumbs up for his or her effort, the page is one that I always see to check and get up to date information on the ground. Thank you for putting in the time and hard work, just give it a look now and see the great stuff going around the stores and shops, perhaps get one thing for yourself to try, also to spend money and move the economy, now is the time.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

A lion that flew away, Sirina camara

A lion that got away, this article written by soccer kakis is a good example of how the football scene has been like for a while.

First I will like to thank mister bolasepako for putting my views on his facebook page, out of a sudden I have readers from Singapore, seldom I have that.

Enough of blattering, later become like money face, no pun intended. As long as you are a person or a fan, you have the right to say something, if you have done nothing, you are guilty.

Now for the lion that flew away, camara, I have look and read the piece, it says that he was willing to play for singapore, I am happy to say you deserve more.

I remember he play with the big teams. there was some mistake, local players also do something wrong when the pressure is high, normal.

On the other hand, he has speed, sense of urgency, this point which most players lack in singapore is a big point, a worry that has many implications.

No need to state them all out, but one that has always been lacking, not discipline or eagerness, but one of not willing to listen, not wanting to learn more. sure that they always push, as a player I guess only some do, for example going overseas to play or at least try even you are not a glam player in the national team. Try for a lower league to gain experience, then maybe move towards a higher one.

At the end of the day, the choice is their own, if I am a player I will just want a good salary and play my football. Times have now changed, unless the environment changes as well that is.