Sunday, April 3, 2022

The spirit of sporting

The spirit of sporting.

Things have been unpredictable in the world, but sports in Singapore has some stuff going on.

Singapore football has shown signs of improvement, but for me results mean nothing.

Thailand is still better in Singapore in some ways for their improvement on the ground not just framework.

The youth results show that, nothing more.

One thing that left an impression in my head is that the players or potential players did not get a chance to play on the field because they were not selected.

For one selected, ten are not.

Perhaps it is better off somewhere else, 100 per cent agreed.

Friday, October 29, 2021

To be or not to be, that is the question, to be a solo kid or for the country?

Recently a news article about a footballer who has singapore citizenship, a google search I found a 20 page forum talking about it.

Some comments are like, Davis part 2, interesting as it seems but it is the same outcome, a person who decides to follow his dreams.

The funny thing is that some people are talking about his case to be a case by case basis. Some are saying that he should be dealt with harshly.

What should be done is that he is not the next son heung-min, nobody is above the law. Son heung-min by a similar age would be very talented. Many more points can be talking point, if you are detailed enough, that is for the keyboard warriors or trolls to dig.

We are an island state, we are not Korea. One very important point, you choose your path, you must pay the price. 

It is highly unlikely we are able to accommodate a son heung-min, a Joseph schooling has brought us glory, he is a miracle. Just like are we able to get a asian game gold or even sea games gold, I have written about this before, the answer is clear.

A thing about Joseph, his parents has put in lots of effort, money, time, which normal parents might never even able to come close too with, his parents are extraordinary. With football, you have only one shot.

This scenario might be occuring more often that people realise, because of globalisation but key thing is that Singapore football is not improving and staying the same. 

Anyway other countries in south east Asia will also experience some tough times, Myanmar is also having a hard time, I just hope football in this region will be able to go the world cup, males that is, at least the good news is that the management of all countries are able to come a understanding and align our sports with the olympic selection, that is good news.

In the end, football is a sport but also a business, that should be known to everyone by now, you are at the mercy of the owner or money, never it is going back to the original state, stay safe and take care of your health, that is key.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

News or no news

In Singapore sports, there have been many news to read up, but it is always up to the sport itself to decide good or bad.

What is important for me is that the sport has progress into a better shape compared to before, change can only be achieve through competition.

In Singapore perhaps where that point is lacking, not many people are stepping up, many have spoken up but rarely any action is taken, I have said it many times.

Personally, maybe I try to pickup a new sport or activity and see for myself, that is a good direction.

I wish all readers a great day ahead.