Sunday, March 7, 2021

Good progress or news in singapore football, good job geylang international

Geylang international football has done something good this year, every club should follow.

Which is the jersey, some may ask what jersey, a special, I have seen many, it is not just the jersey, the whole package, taking of the photo with sponsors, with the sponsors logo at the company.

That must be done, at all clubs, visiting the sponsors employees, giving out clubs merchandise and so on.

How many have done that, it should be standard for all seasons, all clubs, all players. Yes all on field players, the 11 with coach and manager leading the way.

It should be written in black and white and at the start or end or whenever the club has the time.

I have seen this at clubs not even at the top tier, in Thailand, I still remember the person in charge bringing in the jersey with a hamper, with models and taking them in person to the sponsors, thanking them for their support. We are not Japan, we are from south east Asia, we do it the south East Asian manner.

The Thai person I guess have more culture perhaps that is why, singapore is suppose to be a better country so to speak, I guess not.

A patriot, many people have been supporting the league, not many are left, perhaps it is time for wholesale change, I hope the change will be in a huge manner, if you fail to achieve success, leave and make way for change.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Football in singapore, head coach wants players to perform

In football, performance is key, if you do not even have the mindset, all is nothing more than talk.

The news article link here,

He talks about, during the training session, he call up new talent to join but some players their attitude is good but they do not have competition.

No wonder not much has changed.

You can run very well but you have no place in the team. As simple as that.

One important thing is that, a certain black and white according to a set list and then you choose, all is release as news to the public, no bias to nothing, all written on paper, is that hard to achieve.

The run timing, the skill level of shooting, basic passing accuracy, all the requirements, for players to see that the selection is open for all, even for those not playing in the league. 

I want a person who is able to commit and push for his country, not for fame, rare in singapore now.

I have written enough for today, true to void deck boy style, local style, no need to say are you happy, most importantly are you satisfied.

Friday, January 15, 2021


Not many people write about football well, the guys at soccerkakis are doing it well. is the website, a most recent article writes about a Japanese player, very good insight.

Without their hardwork, many would not know about the Japanese person who try to play in the singapore league.

Those interested should give the content some reading time, I applaud and admire their spirit in so many stories for the readers.

I will like to thank them here for all their effort and time. I do not know where did they get their inspiration from but I will try my best to write as much about football or anything for as long as I can.