Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Eight Hundred


I have just watched this movie titled the eight hundred, it is a great movie. The trailer is shown in the above link.

The movie is about the war during Japanese invasion of china, the movie shows some stuff but not all is real, as a history person, some parts are sensationalise for the viewing of the general public.

But some thoughts are, a Great War movie from china is Nanjing Nanjing, I saw the Japanese solider in this film. He does not fit the role well.

Next is that the effects, all are on point, some parts felt bit weird, I would say is the screenplay, the scene selection, other than that everyone should watch it, it will be a nice film for entertainment.

What I felt as a person in the theatre is that, in the hearts of people who put their hope and own lives for the sake of the country. Where are such people in the world, not many people are.

A scene felt real to my bone, the soldiers are the real people of china.

In life, some are cowards, some are crazy, but in the end, some fulfil the orders that they are given. Such is the honour of human beings, a movie can share and tell so much in just a few hours.

I will like to thank the people who sacrifice one's life for someone or something, would you lay down your life for the country? 

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