Thursday, May 18, 2017

Foreign talents over local talents ?

In singapore football or in any sense, always the people in charge think they know it all or even know something, in reality they know anything at all.

Paper chasers, boot lickers, whatever you call it, they never change, this issue of talents seem to never change.

Always questions, seldom answers, never solutions.

The cycle repeats again, for a kid with no resources, making his way into the world, it will take not just talent, hard work, luck even risking his life, then maybe he will have some success, that is already an understatement.

Finally on the topic of talented foreigners, anyone married a full blooded Singaporean ? Singaporean girls not good enough ? you too handsome ah ? sure got lah, eh most of them they balik kampung. Ang mo dua ki, maybe not, rainbow colour dua ki, who knows, they do not even state and declare their allegiance, oh ya can break one, slient break k, same old story.

True to void deck boy style, get real.

One solution, people who have real talent i urge them to go overseas even if you do not, go try and see the world like what the incoming talents do. I have said this before, some already did, they are living a better life. If any foreign talents get selected, i challenge them to stay here, born, bred, work, live, die, for one generation then we talk, i have made history, because they will never do that. I wonder if anyone reads this at all. This blog will be here as long as i can be in this world.

It is all good, that is one of the reasons why i created this, not much news, only the under 20 world cup is going to start.

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