Saturday, July 2, 2016

Singaporean director boo junfengs movie, apprentice

Hello readers, in Singapore there is not much movie culture or industry, maybe back in the glory days, there was many, the pioneers, seniors have passed on.

Financial issues or lack of ideas, this generation that is, those alive, roy tan, mister chen, Mister khoo, those who get publicity or their personal persona shines more, boo jun feng is one that i feel should push more, no offence but as long it is about Singapore, a local lad, i would want 100 % equal coverage.

Implementation is hard, so i decide to write it here. I am sure many will say Singapore film lah no good, many were flops in the cinema. I still remember the teenage textbook movie was a nice one. Content, not selling of tickets. Story-line or purpose for me.

The ah boys to men series, jack neo is popular no need to say. Many to list actually, the one i would ask you to watch is a movie from Malaysia, the irony is that many Singaporean actors have gone there to act.

The recent one that i have watched is polisevo, trailer below, woah it was action, best.

Back to Singapore, the movie, apprentice is about the death penalty. I have watched a similar sort of movie something like that but it was in Thai, the title is the last executioner, that was interesting, the commercials of Thailand are well know, i saw a few scenes which had them in it. The apprentice just open in the cinema, those in the movie scene will know, the opening week is critical. The movie trailer is below, please go support the movie.

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