Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Iceland wins over england, issues with singapore football or football in singapore

The shocking news is that iceland won, i watched the match, before that spain lost, spain seem to have lost the spark just like england.

Spain maybe undergoing a cycle but on the other hand, england have never won a major title since the 1980s if i am not wrong.

No need to analyze as the major news agencies have done so, on the topic of iceland, the seniors of football lovers in singapore who are really supporting the league and scene will understand many issues trouble over many concerns.

The argument is that, there is no purpose, no strong management. The bone of contention is the small amount of talent, the pool is small, iceland is also small.

I can see that in the game, iceland has mental attitude, giving their best effort, working hard, england seem to be over priced, over played.

I will like to give the points that i have seen over the years, to write them down here in words.

1) Have a long pre season ( 9 months minimum )

2) Have a high level of coaching, comparative to a UEFA A license

3) Open policy at the players levels for all age groups except first team

4) Find players that are willing to play without much financial gain

Some will find this an issue, i will say where it hurts the most, sub points of point 4)

1) works hard

2) listens to the coach

3) adjusts well

4) learns other languages

5) has leadership qualities

I think that is enough, no point say so much, if any people notice or read.

One thing is for sure, true to void deck boy style, the children now are unable to play street football, the street football participation rate in singapore for the youth, it may have decreased.

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