Sunday, June 21, 2020

T - 34

Long time I have never seen a nice movie, here is a movie titled t - 34 a Russian movie about tanks.

The trailer is already well made, seldom do I hear about Russian movies, I found about this movie a long time ago but I still have not watch it in full because I am unable to find a dvd in English version.

I found but in Chinese, I hope Russia or whoever the film maker sells the copyright to in Asia, please do a English dudded or subtitles, I will buy, years since I buy a dvd but this looks like a great maybe even considered a outstanding movie that can fight with the worlds best movies.

Anyone who has a link or knows where to buy one with English please reach out to me, the funny thing is all I hear about Russia is the USSR, russian sports and most importantly Putin. If any Russian movie I will support, I hope more t - 34, maybe even movies about Russian life of villains or normal people.

For everyone out there, watch this movie trailer, it looks damn interesting.

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