Friday, August 5, 2016

Throwback friday, geison moura

Geison moura, who once played in the sleague is now playing in the fort lauderdale strikers.

For the readers from the united states, he once was a cool goal scorer with the Brazilian flare and style.

I remembered that he train once on the beaches on sentosa with the sand, his training ethics are impeccable.

It was way back in the Olympics where i watch a match between Brazil and mexicomexico won with the will to win, a few years back, Ghana and BrazilBrazil won. Maybe only the Mexicans have a strategy to win, i do not follow south american football, any supporters or football lovers please share your views or blog links if you will like to do so.

I hear Chile is now getting more better, in terms of footballing matters. If any readers from the states or south america has a blog, please leave a comment to link up to share information.

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