Friday, February 17, 2017

Throwback friday, diego gama and geylang international fc look for new season

The final throwback, a new end, a new beginnning, as and when or see how.

Diego gama, a few years back hougang had him, samba style before he left, nothing much i rememeber about him.

But he is now at nagaworld, the post before shows his signing.

Now for geylang, the next best thing is comments from players, for the new season, it looks good.

A new striker who speaks well, results and skills i do not know, isa looks cool as usual, coach is full of passion as always. The video below shows it, watch it.

Noor ali, the winger whose speed drove down the flanks, his passion as well. This is what the league needs, a talent like him.

A video interview with him, insights to him and his mind, most importantly football, a glimpse.

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