Saturday, February 25, 2017

Johor has done it again, setting the standards and bangkok glass wins big

The prince and owner of jdt has spoken, history will be made. This is what it must be like, lots of fakes in Singapore, whatever they call it.

The prince says he will be a player in the league, this is the leader, by example, if everyone in this world is like that, it would be a perfect world, this would never happen, this is real, get real, the prince is real, true to void deck boy style.

At least he is trying, he has purpose, that is key. Bless him and his family.

How i wish in Singapore, people of purpose are here, yes they are, but for football, sadly not many.

Those who have the drive would have left, i have tried, not my time yet, i will try again then if not go overseas.

Bangkok glass has a slow start, but they have the talents for the goals. Warming up to the league, they can do better with the talents.

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