Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Association has talks, for what, while home is doing it right

Alot of people keep on talking, if i want to go be the change physically, how they can let me in, true to void deck boy style, wayang.

If i want to go in and do it, what red tape i have to pass, waste my time, i did try, enough for the people or management out there, to make it clear, be the change that you want to be, you yourself. Then cannot then go do something else, all things change then got chance.

This article says it all, i wonder do people even have a brain, most are egos. In a perfect world this is would never happen, this is not a perfect world. Try to make the best out of what you have, period.

The other side of things, home united is having a match today, i hope they win. The post below shows the most important thing, they listen to feedback and are doing it well.

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