Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Might be taking a break from blogging

Might be stopping blogging about Singapore football or throwbacks, a new section or otherwise.

Most blogs just provide information, after this, i sense the dissection, it should be providing solutions, not answers even, just points or ideas.

The Singapore league should be monetize, sell the rights to become a individual company, or go back to the semi pro stage.

The steps towards old times did not bring any shit.If all things go to plan, which is unlikely.

If they do, fas should become like a holding company, for profit only, if not change the people in charge, they should be working as agents for players.

Next, the players, everyone knows it is the youth, from 5 age best, partner with the for profit young soccer schools, then go put scouts to look for potential.

Then i should put as the jdt dom tan way or jo schooling way, at the age of 14 once he is clear or passionate to play football, put his tutelage under your wing, kpop like slave contract. 5 years, to look for schooling in football, jdt, Thailand, china, Australia , theses countries, they should be brought there for a trial, once they pass they should enter a contract by the fas agent and then look for schools, this can be helped by the club who is interested in purchasing his rights in football, this will also offset the money. No bullshit japan or korea wayang paid trips, ownself check ownself.

Followed by a yearly reviewed of his skills and attitude, the players should have a playing ability that can be trained, the language skills can be filled by whichever club or by the region he is comfortable with. This can be done with proper planning and communication with the family or child.

By the age of 18 he is able to do ns, once his pes is confirmed, either he has the skill or comes back to Singapore. those with no skill can continue their life, while those with potential can continue the footballing process to the next level.

If by 21 the skills and physical shape is there, most likely he is able to be signed by a club, if not the above point stand, once he is able to sign of a legally age with skills, he can then be sold or consider a buy out from the interested football club.

Whatever years contract then can be said, the rest then is history.

Easy said then done, if no passion, please do not even touch the football industry and talk ya ya papaya, just play for fun, no worries. It is free to play even under the void deck, just that people will shout at you or even chase you away for doing that. Just let the kids play for a while, 5 or 10 minutes, they do not hurt anybody, if adults they should know better.

True to void deck boy style singapore, get real.

Thank you.

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