Sunday, December 18, 2016

Thailand are the champions of aff 2016

Thailand has won the cup, 2016, i watched the match, the Thais are overwhelmingly the favorites.

Is the world cup dream close, very unlikely the Thais will, the Japanese, Korea, the Saudis, Iranians first.

Even with a format change or increase, it is a sport, the Thais have alot of points which are not on world level, one midfielder cannot change the world.

In fact, messi has not won the world cup, the bright spark is the young lad, siroch chatthong, if more players like him, in from defenders to attackers, then got chance.

In reality, hard work, good muscle movement, good management, so many things come into play, it is hard for a south east Asia nation to go to the world cup, like it has been said a million times.

I hope one day, any south east Asian nation can go world cup on its own merits.

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