Monday, November 7, 2016

A website in english about football in hong kong

Football lovers of the world, i pass by this website that offers english commentary about the football scene in hong kong.

It is offside hk, if you want to know more about the hong kong football in english, this is a site to go to.

I was looking at the hong kong recent results, then on google this name came up, i click, i am in, i am surprised that is has a well designed layout. It is up to date and easy to use.

The best is the clubs and stadium guide part, as a person who has no idea on where the clubs are locate at, i am keen to know and see the exact location. i just need to click on the google link inside the website.

Very informative for a football person who is going to watch a match from aboard. The clubs guide section also provides a well written outlook with pictures.

All the best to the people behind the website. Good job, will keep reading your page.

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