Friday, September 30, 2016

Throwback friday, kenji arai

In Singapore, the football league, the top tier, a Japanese team are going to be champions.

Today might be the day, history will be created.

Kenji arai, a player who is Japanese, i recall him playing for saf fc, where the foreign legion were by me the best in sleague.

A solid defender, he was good for the team, then he left, then i saw him back in Singapore with home united.

He almost scored many times in Singapore, in fact he scored many. Which is why he is good, a outstanding player for any team. He is now a coach in japan, the post below shows him and his students.

I read from a interview, during his time in India, his wife did not adjust well, that is the reason why he came back to Singapore.

This point is really well taken, many players do not want to try playing overseas due to whatever reasons. A career is very short in sports, are they really up to the standard or are they of any use, you all decide.

A coach will only want a player who is better than the local players, i am sure the local players are up to the standard but rarely out of their comfort zone or full level, seldom 110%. This is shown by the overseas players.

With Japanese football, the creation of more levels to keep players in japan has its effect, those in singapore, most of the players, on paper, are not that great, players should be not fringe players but at least j league level 1, or 2. With this said, the players who of that level will never come here in their prime.

For the love of the game, the ball, help Singapore football.

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