Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hiss gate, apple phones, bad electronics design or otherwise

Hi everyone, the new iphone is out, that is the cycle, from samsung to apple.

The news is that hiss gate is out, see the video below. We all know by now, that the phones all have flaws, either they are rushing the newer products without testing much, perhaps any insiders can share it here with us, if any really.

For me unless i need, i do not upgrade, i us my phones until their battery lose their charging capacity. I have used samsung devices before, their heat issues are many, handheld especially. Apple on the other hand the issues are smaller, the battery suffers after years of usage, that is normal, i have the iphone 3gs, it is still working, it has mostly surface stains and cracks.

samsung, from the time out of its box, lots of software and hardware problems. The next phone i will be getting is maybe asus or a brand from china, if not the iphone next year.  

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