Friday, August 19, 2016

Throwback friday, nicolas velez

Nicolas is name that if you watch sleague, a fairly old new name.

A few years ago, he was brought it to fill a space in a position that not many can do well.

He did super well, made some choices and went overseas, that did not go well.

As a striker, the usual idea that people think about is tall, leggy or big in size. He is not.

The goals he scored, i remember he wanting to score more goals until he got red carded if i am not wrong.

Sometimes you get to showcase your ability is because you are better than most of the people when compared with. It is the person who gives you the opportunity, on the other hand, you think you can do well, you move, but in the end, you failed.

Some person do not realize it, some dispute it, some ignore it, it is a fact that they are in that environment. Some may argue big risk, big gain, they forgotten something like being yourself, the real you, get real. Chasing stars while looking at fish, I remember from somewhere, some people are living in a falsehood, i wondered what is that, i understand a little now.

He is now with northeast untied.

A good example will be Joseph schooling, if he has been taught in Singapore by a local coach, with local standard of all things, it is highly unlikely that he will achieve a gold at the world level.

But then again, countries like Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines have won gold long before us, for me, it has something to do with passion, caring and not forgetting talent. I am talking about the person, the other things i cannot be bother.

In other countries they train with less, even without coaches. I think this is enough, next topic.

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