Saturday, August 13, 2016

Swimmer joseph isaac schooling won the gold medal in the men's 100m butterfly at the rio 2016 olympics

Never would i have the opportunity to write history of a big event, this blog was just for sports, the stuff here and there.

Today in Singapore's swimming history, from the words from his father, he is just a boy, joseph schooling won a medal, gold in the 2016 rio Olympics.

I woke up early to watch the finals, he was there, he took a deep breath before getting into his starting position.

He swam like he wanted to win, the passion, the will.

He won, i looked at the victory ceremony, the national anthem playing in the background, he singing. In singapore history we might never win the gold again, for him he is the hope, the chance.

This event will certainly cause a lot of hype, i hope that he is ready for the attention.

Just like any star, stars will suffer from burn out, he is not just a winner, he is a son of his father, flying the flag of singapore.

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