Sunday, November 5, 2017

Round up of local football news this week

The league has been won by a foreign team, the Japanese are going to sweep all cups and beat cebu, i can say with a clear sight, my predication will come true, no doubt about it.

Next, is the youth issue, the players i shall not touch on, enough, now is the coaches, where are the next generation coaches.

The football association had a session of sharing, we need more, young blood, now at this juncture, it is the same as the players, but credit to those front runners.

A youngster moving overseas, a youth trying his move, i support his decision, with his early days, anything is possible, good luck to Jordan. With the recent news of players moving and trying their luck overseas, i suppose it will bring a new sense of direction, i hope more will move, if this is your passion, better to move.