Friday, April 28, 2017

The problem with football or the people, finally a offical NFL facebook page

I was shocked again to find that okto was showing English football, it is a fact now i am typing this, the channel is showing a match.

Sometimes i wonder is the issue with people or the ball, this lah that lah, waste time.

Finally after so long, the national football league has a official page on its own. The page is shown below, with a cool logo.

The time has come, we shall see the new dawn breaking, i wish that the people, put on a new mindset not own self check own self. Anyway we will know the real results soon.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Muangthong United beat roar with 3 goals

The Thais have done it again, this time is muangthong united, i watch from the second half.

The Thais were playing a team that is not with full strength but let it be known, they are good players.

The video below shows the game, oh ya okto the TV channel got show the match between arsenal and man city, i saw it, second half also, re branding of stuff, hm.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Points noted as an observer

In the sports scene not just in football in Singapore, a lot of mismanagement has been present for a long time.

Regardless of who or what situations, the problem seems to lie with the people.

As a observer who has been looking at all sorts of things and within this month, i took time and talk to a former player, supporters who watch lions to a stranger who knows a little, some things just has to be said.

During the times of better so to speak, management was also not so great.

A outsider spoke about where he was staying, choa chu kang fc rather than a pile of nothing, oh i forget he said goal 2010.

All glam and no substance, arriving early by a hour to leaving an hour later of training, to foreign players who are just slightly better.

Lastly about the supporters, the local ones, he said that sleague is boring, who to blame, nothing much, yet on the flip side i ask him about fandi, he said that was the best time.

I hope these points can be taken into consideration, while a die hard supporter shown on tv said a good point, valid, they want to wear the shirt and play, open trials.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Home united vs yadanarbon and shots fired

Home united won and the scorers were local, that is the good news, the players with their shooting boots on today.

The video below shows the match, lots of passion, which is better, if not you watch golf better.

Next is the coming election for the football scene in Singapore, with the Malaysian part done, it looks great, just with a few things done, while in Singapore, shots have been fired.

The article below shows the juice that has been going on for some time, next week should tell some news about the direction of the votes.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Muangthong united vs ulsan hyundai, the thais won

I watch the match, all the way, this thai team have what it takes, the Koreans seem to be lost on some fronts on occasions.

The video below shows the highlights.

The other results are as usual, the team form Hong Kong got a big scoreline.