Thursday, June 30, 2016

RHB singapore cup, tampines rovers beat global fc

The rhb singapore cup match held at jurong ended with tampines emerging as the victor. The next match will decide who moves on to the next round.

The video highlights are below, I believe global are a good team, ceres another team from overseas will play soon.

The Brunei team has a great striker who was almost going to Thailand, but due to some changes it did not materialize.

Here are the details in the picture below, who is more hungry, dares wins.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Iceland wins over england, issues with singapore football or football in singapore

The shocking news is that iceland won, i watched the match, before that spain lost, spain seem to have lost the spark just like england.

Spain maybe undergoing a cycle but on the other hand, england have never won a major title since the 1980s if i am not wrong.

No need to analyze as the major news agencies have done so, on the topic of iceland, the seniors of football lovers in singapore who are really supporting the league and scene will understand many issues trouble over many concerns.

The argument is that, there is no purpose, no strong management. The bone of contention is the small amount of talent, the pool is small, iceland is also small.

I can see that in the game, iceland has mental attitude, giving their best effort, working hard, england seem to be over priced, over played.

I will like to give the points that i have seen over the years, to write them down here in words.

1) Have a long pre season ( 9 months minimum )

2) Have a high level of coaching, comparative to a UEFA A license

3) Open policy at the players levels for all age groups except first team

4) Find players that are willing to play without much financial gain

Some will find this an issue, i will say where it hurts the most, sub points of point 4)

1) works hard

2) listens to the coach

3) adjusts well

4) learns other languages

5) has leadership qualities

I think that is enough, no point say so much, if any people notice or read.

One thing is for sure, true to void deck boy style, the children now are unable to play street football, the street football participation rate in singapore for the youth, it may have decreased.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Messi retires, chile wins, the major teams progress to the next stages in the euros

Messi retires from international football, Chile wins the copa to become the current champions, that is one of the major football news, personal reasons or otherwise, he has decided, i hope he takes a rest first before any confirmation.

Additionally, the major teams like Germany, favorites of others wales move on to the next round. 

Will England progress, all the best to the teams playing later.

Here is the official facebook page, the golden boot with bale on top of the list for now.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Croatia vs Portugal after AET 1 - 0, Muangthong United FC, getting the formula right

First and foremost, Croatia lost despite having more possession of the ball, i watched the game, the attacking game seems to be the difference, they create chances, goals are achieved.

Next for the Thai club, Muangthong united, they won the game 4 - 1 with theerathon scoring, they are getting the formula right.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy saturday, its a sunshine day ! a mini random pile up of football stuff

Hello people ! in Singapore its a sunny sunshine Saturday, good time to have some sun.

Just a small mini round up of sort here for you readers, in Singapore, the professional football league, tampines rovers manage to beat the Japanese side 1 - 0.

Here are the highlights below, I believe the table has become closer, if not the Japanese side might win the title this year, well lets see.

I was looking to find about some former sleague players, i was browsing and found this person, masahiro fukasawa. He was from saffc, he belonged to the golden years i would say. Now he is playing in the Cambodian league, he is now in his 30s at nagaworld fc.

I hope you have enjoyed my mini round up, please go out if you are in Singapore, enjoy the warm sunshine guys !

Friday, June 24, 2016

Step by step

Hello readers from the united states, i wonder it they are real people reading this, anyway since many are from north America i will like to share something from the united states.

This person his name is vitaly zdorovetskiy, he is a YouTube star, i believe now you would assume what am i talking about. It is not about promoting someone or something. It is about an idea and fulfilling your goals in life.

How many people have goals that they want to achieve, dreams to fulfill, things to do, not many, for that matter at a young age, most importantly keeping to that desire. Then taking the long route to success, it can be define in any way as long as you deem fit.

Then it leads to the subject of how can i do this, some will take the whatever it takes direction, by hook or by crook, some step by step, some will be met by failure, it is because in order to meet success you first must meet failure. i rarely hear of one shot one kill stories, majority of stories are that they did not do well, some lost lots of money, some even lost their arms or legs. But what can be sweeter that the sound of victory. 

Back to the main story line, vitaly at least on the video channel is label as a prankster or marketer, he pranked the world cup, he prank the NBA finals. He was arrested by the police, negative as it may sound, he is motivated. I do not want to talk about the process, everyone says that the journey is important, yes it may, it certainly has bearing on the final result.

It can go on and on, surely some of his pranks are fixed, no doubt about it. His account of how he is today is indisputable. I do watch some of his videos as i like refreshing ideas and entertainment, his new invention of stunts and all, it take brains, hours of work to make, plan and execute. You may even be threaten with violence, there are consequences to your actions, those by-products are needed for you to learn or develop in many areas.

Retribution will come sooner than you think, the main difference is the hard work, why does is matter, it is because no one can live your life for you. Only you can live your life.

Day by day, little by little, show your might, and it will show you the way.

If till now, you do not know who he is, here is a video of him. enjoy.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Muangthong united wins 8 - 3, Kaya wins 16 -1

Hello everyone, here is a mini round up of high scoring games in south east Asia that i found, muangthong united score 8 and won the match between Osotspa samut prakan just 24 hours ago. I rarely see 8 goals, perhaps this means the title chance for muangthong are quite high, the dream team punchline seems to be right, with me writing about big names during the transfer window.

Here are the highlights below. 

The other is a few weeks ago, kaya won 16 - 1 over the nomads. Please do not be alarmed, some will say kelong but i believe that the united football league is undergoing some changes to be a better league. The nomads should be a 2nd division team with university like players.

I hope i can link up with a football fan in the Philippines with a blog, that may provide a better insight, so if any please email or leave your details in the comments. I am actually happy that not just in south east Asia, in Asia in general any team is able to improve on its football, from the management or youth development. I hope more can be done to help the united football league, i guess it depends on the people involved also.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cheerleader to spice up your day !

Hey readers, to spice up your day i have this cheerleader whose name is park ki ryang.

She is from Korea, she is tall, full of energy and can dance very well.

Those who like to watch cheerleaders that adds color into sports for example, can take a look at this lady.

She just recently release a music video, once she was voted top number one cheerleader in Korea for a poll. If she is your thing or not, why not watch the videos below to see her zest so that you can spark the power in you to move for the week, either in work, school or sports.

She has a Instagram account but i think its in Korean, but she mostly is active for the lotte giants in busan South Korea, while active in basketball during other seasons. You may want to watch baseball if you have never, i certainly will like too.

It may even be funny or cute, she is hot i think, at least for me with her vigour and health. Remember take at least a 10 minute stroll or jog or anything that rocks your boat to keep the mojo running boys and girls.

This first short video is a kpop song with her fan cam solo.

To those who think only female cheers only, males also in Korea, she is with a male colleague in action.

Finally to showcase her latest music video, a slow yet upbeat tune. Enjoy your day ahead ! smile.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The singapore and Hong Kong football connection, 新加坡和香港足球

Hello readers from china, i welcome you to my blog.


Today i shall talk about the relation between singapore connection to Hong Kong football.

Actually it is just a person from Hong Kong who give me a football brochure years ago.


The brochure show me a lot about football in Hong Kong, the teams and the long history of football.


Teams like south china, and the recent rise of kitchee, i did follow the kitchee bluewave for a while, they had a football club song that is very catchy, even had a lady to host the YouTube channel, i believe then there was 2 or more ladies hosting the media channels.

球队像南华,以及最近杰志的兴起,我也跟着杰蓝一家一会儿, 他们有一个足球俱乐部的歌曲,甚至有一位女士主办的YouTube频道, 我相信现在有2个或者更多不同女士在办媒体渠道。

This is the brochure picture, the front cover page.


I believe many football players in singapore have played in Hong Kong, since years before i was born till the recent times. 


There are many similarities in Hong Kong and Singapore as a country in terms of size but i think Hong Kong is a more advanced in areas of fashion, technology or media, there is not just a scene in those mention sectors, it is a big money business, robust industries and top economy that is world class. 

在香港和新加坡有很多相似之处作为一个国家在规模上,但我认为香港是一个以时尚,科技或媒体领域具有较先进的地方,香港不是一个小场景,这些是强大的产业, 香港经济上是世界一流的。

Today i hope you have enjoyed my writing.

今天,我希望我没有写错中文, 文法可能是错误的, 请多多包涵

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hari raya bazaar or pasar malam in singapore and small rant

Hello readers, have you been to a night market before, i am sure you have.

There is one i recently go, from food to hand phone stuff, the crowd, sure go must go, i will take pictures on Tuesday or as soon as possible, do not worry, these events run for weeks even months.

On a side note, i saw the seniors or should i say followers or occasion talkers about the football league in Singapore, actually, you glory hunter, talker, or whatever all same. Unless you do something. Talk about the sense and digits, even better remove those in power. Mostly likely no guts or excuses, maybe one day i will do something when the time is right or i will just leave.

At least you put in some effort once or do an action, an activity or movement, constructive more.

Got work, school or family, i know its hard but if you care about something, no matter what you will still love it right, that is passion.

Why did i do this blog, partly because of all the football blogs or related online media disappeared, cease of exist, not updated, information about local Singapore gone, i think either they were tired or simply did not care anymore.

Many to list, for example, kallang roar forum, liga singapura,, so many special, detailed items, I just will like to contribute my little effort as long as i push, as long as i am living.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

K league, omsar and bangkok united

Hi happy Sunday, i watched a match, k league match between seoul fc and suwon.

I saw osmar who used to play for buriram, he is really a good talent, i believe that is why he got snapped up by the Korean side.

Bangkok united won another game, a top 4 placing perhaps in the Thai league.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dreamatron Sportswear, support your local brand

Hey world, I found this sportswear brand in Singapore.

They are dreamatron, i followed them from the start of their Facebook page, i have seen how they have progress, since the hockey days to now the football, they have done many things and reach new milestones.

I am not sure who they are, i am guessing they are young people who loves sports. Passion and many hard work behind the scenes, resulting in the brand created.

I hope one day i can use their brand, a local brand, please support your local brand.

Look below for their information, please take a glance, they are local, if interested, just give them an email.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Sleague friday, tampines rovers beats balestier khalsa and england, the three lions

Tampines rovers beat balestier khalsa, with the score of 3 - 2.

I watched the euro 2016 match between England and wales outside in a venue last night.

A full house i must say, when England scored the cheers and shouts of goals were deafening. The pool of followers were the majority of epl. In singapore there seems to be more people liking English football. A minority were supporting wales, i can tell you that it was years ago since i experienced this kind of crowd, but when compared it is still not like the lions roar back in the 90s.

Those times, the whole apartment block roared, like there was a earthquake, 7 or 8 on the scale, i foresee decades if not a century, i will not hear or even feel the roar unless i am in a stadium of a well supported team. you can even feel your feet got wave, like you are walking on water.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sleague round up with highlights video, warriors beat gelyang, Albirex beat hougang, and watching euro in a venue

The sleague information is that, warriors beat geylang 2 - 0. If you people are wondering what are these, these are football teams in singapore, geylang are wearing green, they are from the east side of singapore, warriors has relations to the west.

I will put the highlights below.

Albirex beat hougang, 2 - 1. Hougang is a local team, from the north east part of singapore, albriex is a japanese team based in singapore.

I went to a venue to watch football yesterday, in a venue that i have never been before, the atmosphere is unique, almost like watching in a stadium, minus the echo of people scolding. More of cheering, talking, actually that is what i feel supporting sports is about. It was similar to watching a movie in a indoor setting.

I encourage anyone to go watch if you decide looking at a screen at home is not your thing. Definitely you will feel better, not just the big screen, even you have a 50 inch television or things that you need by your side, in spite of that, the environment is unlike your home, the moment you watch your favorite team score, its becomes like a festival, the people, the clapping, you cannot describe the euphoria.

Now go, watch some football.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sleague to privatize, a mini euro 2016 and copa round up

The first news is that the idea of privatizing the singapore league seems to be in discussion, i believe this notion of it has been going on for years in the scene or even longer, the old timers of the league will sure know.

As a person who has supported the idea, the league going crowd has been affected by choice and other related issues or non related issues. In this day and age what is most important is to not just talk about creating value or money, in all honesty, its about the money, who is paying, putting the food in the mouth, the bills, the education, so many factors.

The critical point is that, no strong, efficient, effective, or right management is in place to address that, whatever issues going on does not really matter. The purpose, the vision, the mission, the human element. Countless have raise this, many care, show concern, none take action.

Enough said, euro 2016, Iceland draws with Portugal, the score is 1 - 1. I do not follow Iceland football, i have watch a few videos on YouTube, level of play is there, not much crowd, but a few core supporters.

Portugal, i have watched a few of their football club teams in play. Of course everyone knows about christiano ronaldo, i even watch the movie about him. The review i can give is that, it shows a little about his life, with his son, mum, unless your a fan, doing some research, information is scare.

Football is a team sport, 10 ronaldo's cannot win 1000 nani's. If you are not given service, who you are does not matter. ludicrous it may sound, this is real, this are facts. Those looking for numbers to bet or looking for who will win the other matches, but i will put some videos for you guys to see. Please do your own checking.

Not to doubt his work effort, like i always say, his good talent or given born abilities. On the opposite side, there are other sports if you think you are good solo, golf or tennis. I bet he will not be in the top 10 in any individual sport if he has no height, never put in effort or brains, even if he has luck, many people have given him opportunity in some ways, this does help.

For the copa, Brazil seems to have been knocked out, i did not watch the full match, i heard hulk, dani alves and willian, these so called bigger names i know them.

This is a prime example, the team game is played by the players in the team, that's it. I have watched Brazil, their international matches, players have flair, style, skills, even tricks, but it is the goals, results that matter, it may be one sided comments, i did watch the highlights, Brazil have many chances, they did not convert their chances.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The singapore national football academy under 16 won 3 - 0 over chonburi fc

Hello world and readers, there is nothing much today, the Singapore national football academy under 16 team, won 3 - 0 over chonburi fc in thailand.

Just a bit about chonburi fc, now the head coach is therdsak chaiman who used to play for saffc in the sleague. The team now is in the reboot stage with results not going their way.

The team lacks in many areas now, due to budget or other issues. I hope this is just the cycle of renewal of players which i hope they have the youth in plans.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The great singapore sale, come and enjoy the sights and sounds of a island state

Hello readers, i have seen the numbers, most are from the English speaking world. I thank you for visiting this blog.

Since many are here viewing, me from singapore a small island state in south east Asia will like to welcome you here, or maybe share with you more stories or what's what around.

First from this month till august there is the great singapore sale, island wide retailers and online, those who participate will engage in discounts from 10 % to even 70 %.

The usual terms and conditions apply, but on the flip side, not just in the shopping malls or retail belts, you can come to this red dot to observe, feel and touch the heartbeat of heartlanders.

This means, you get to experience, the Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian aspects of life. Value for money i can tell you that. A short few days will be enough for a trip to singapore. It is safe in singapore in majority areas, low crime does not mean no crime, exercise the usual precautions, remember do not leave your things unattended.

Products and services are not cheap, if compared with other places, but if you like a slice of the pie from different ethnicity from Asia, singapore is the key.

It is warm, the tropical temperature applies here with high humidity levels with low winds. If i am not wrong, tax rebates are available from changi airport if you travel by air with a certain amount.

Come enjoy the sights and sounds of a island state, a urban yet heartland singapore, more details can be found as there is a website and here is the Facebook page below.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gelyang international defeated pahang fc and the chinese super league arrives in singapore

Now for the round up of news this sunday, gelyang international manage to come back from 1 - 0 down to win the game between pahang fc from Malaysia.

Goals from the Japanese import yuki and shawal taking gelyang up to 2 - 1.

Apart from that, the Chinese super league arrived in Singapore on the screens of Singapore not long ago. Live telecast from the various channels, i watch a few matches, good crowd, cheering most of the time.

I actually heard, knew about the Chinese super league long ago, a few news, nothing much. The absorbing fact is that, the league is not just growing year by year in terms of money pumped in, i saw a former arsenal big name player in the league.

I heard his pay or salary is about 10 million, more or less that is a huge paycheck. He is still under 30, in his prime years, some say he wants the money, some say he lacks ambition. He is worth his money, that is paramount.

The league plays at a high tempo to a certain degree, tall players, supporters are there, technical levels are constant in Asian context. Finally the government is going to have a plan and build more pitches and involve more people, the best is that the football association is being privatized and received help no more from the state, then it must source for his own money. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

New signings in sleague, mark and niko, johor making history.

This seems to be the football season, copa in the other parts of the world, euros.

First still in Singapore, mark from global fc has sign with gelyang. I wish all the best for him, that he scores more goals. He has set a new milestone as the first azkal.

Niko from balestier has scored on debut, instant scorer, good.

Johor the southern tigers on their media channels have put on useful information about injuries common to sports, an important note is that the club headquarters is going to be completed, build near the new stadium.

Below is the whole announcement and the concept. Johor is at the forefront of football, not just a business, but an idea, a realistic approach to sports, not forgetting the human factor. If you are wondering who is behind all this, i believe it is the prince and his team.

I salute the prince for his actions, courage, notion, a pioneer, perhaps once day visit and see for myself how the football match atmosphere is like in Malaysia.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Pahang fc from malaysia coming to singapore for club friendly series and red card tv

Pahang football club is coming to singapore for club games with teams in the local leagues, gelyang, police sports association and eunos crescent.

The location that they will be playing, as according to the information that i have seen, bedok stadium, in college central field and jurong west stadium.

Those interested please check the relevant sources for more.

On top of that, red card tv has brought many sports news, videos, photos and updates from around singapore and the region, supporting sports in general, they have done some great interviews with local athletes and flavor. Please check out their site for more, search on google or Facebook, is their own website.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

AFC cup draw for east, tampines rovers vs jsw bengaluru fc and hock gift shop

Hello everyone, good noon.

The afc cup 2016 draw had turn out that tampines will face bengaluru in the knockout stages. While on the other hand, jdt with face south china.

I will like tampines to win, in reality it is hard.

Beyond that, there is this store named hock gift shop, you can buy army stuff to camping gear, patches and shorts, you name it they have it. They were previous near yishun, they have moved. They have this online store that showcases all their products, embroidery, engraving services also have, support your local store, they have been around since 1979.

You can view the whole range at

It is run by a family and a young man modernize it, i guess with help from people including the household.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Third wave power and transfer window for football in singapore, malaysia and thailand

Hi everyone, today will be about two things.

Firstly, third wave power, a company in Singapore that have solar chargers for sale, solar panels, power banks and other technology that brings power to the people, especially those who travel and go about their daily work.

Their website where you can buy on their online store is at

Off the grid, you can charge with the sun, reasonable priced.

Secondly, the transfer period in football in this region has a lot of changes, i will just name some, in Thailand, buriram sold theerathon, and source a left back from division 2.

The Malaysian super league, penang fa was a new head coach, nenad bacina.

In Singapore, besides mark whom i wrote, balestier bought niko, a striker from Croatia who has played in hong kong.

Here i found a video on him on YouTube, please enjoy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Singapore national football team lost to Vietnam in aya bank cup, Gelyang international and sleague sticker book,

Hey readers, good afternoon, hows your day ?

The match between Singapore and Vietnam was going to the final minute, but some points worthy of putting down are as follows.

Early in the game baihakki misses a chance with a header against Vietnam.

Near the end of the first half, a well though Singapore free kick opportunity was wasted.

In the 2nd half, early on, Vietnam blast a kick over the goal post.

Vietnam got another moment with le cong vinh.

Quak tired a shot but was blocked by the Vietnam defence, that was all that i watched.

Final score after extra time, 3 - 0, Vietnam won. We have never beat Vietnam in football for a long time.

Next i will write on gelyang international, this year in 2016, gelyang face issues with striking power upfront, some name them the draw kings in the league. How many remember the fandi who used to play in gelyang united back then in 1996.

Recently reported, mark hartmann of global fc from the Philippines is now training with the team. I hope and wish he signs with the club. I have watch him on the field, he has passion and most critically physically size.

This is the picture of the sticker book back in the days. I did not use flash as it may damage the paper as i kept in storage and took it out to share after so long.

Alongside all these, i would like to thank mister po hui from He has allowed me to link his blog, everyone who is interested in football in singapore or simply like football should go go, see see, look look. The pictures he takes with his camera are fabulous in detail.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Thailand national football team achieves victory in king's cup, dignity kitchen

The national team of Thailand triumph in glory over Jordan yesterday in the king's cup.

I watch the match after chanatip was substituted in the 2nd half, after which Jordan when on the attack, the Thais were soaking up the offensive.

Jordan tried a bicycle kick of sorts, then out of a sudden the Thais came with a counter attack and scored. This was already with a 1 goal advantage. They did it by the flanks with runners in the middle, the chonburi player kroekrit tapping in the ball.

A scare by Jordan in the 85th minute and that was pretty much it.

A fact was that i saw a Singaporean referee and a Malaysian one since i remember them from the lions xii days in the Malaysia super league and sleague.

On a side note, the cubs, the Singaporean under 21 lost, the final score was 2 - 2, in the end they lost to Vietnam during the shoot out. I wrote about this a few days ago, it must be destiny that i had written, what does goes around comes around, the spinning wheel of fortune, amusing.

Here are the highlights for the Thailand match below, enjoy.

Subsequently, i will like to share with everyone about this, The project is dignity kitchen, it is a hawker training school for the disadvantaged people in singapore with a regular food court.

This idea may not be new but like i say as usual, the effort counts. I believe it is run by a group of like minded associates. The business model also i think is like getting funding from sources like own-self, the owner, and from corporate sponsors. It functions like a social enterprise, please go and patronize, if it is good, good, if not do as you wish.

The location is at block 267, serangoon avenue 3, 2nd floor, opening hours, Monday to Sundays, 8 in the morning to the afternoon. Nearest train station is serangoon.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tiger balm Repellent Spray, strap

Good morning, how are you people doing.

Its a cool day in Singapore, people going about their daily meals and buying of grocery.

Succeeding that, i saw that tiger balm has insect repellent spray for mosquitoes, works for outdoors or the basic needs at home. Obtainable in the major supermarkets they have it. Priced at below 10 dollars.

Made in Singapore, you can just spray onto the skin directly or clothing, can last a few hours. The unique thing is i found out that a strap version like a patch has been created, similar to a watch strap or a rubber band on your wrist. Certainly it works but i feel that it is not that effective or efficient, its more expensive that a spray can.

Caution for women who are pregnant and children, women because of issues with child nursing or matters regarding, specifically young children or people who may have allergies on their skin.

Prevention is better than cure, as they usually say, if i am not wrong there is no vaccine for dengue fever. Protect yourself and making an effort to get rid of where mosquitoes can breed are the best bet.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Aya bank cup 2016, singapore under 21 football, King's cup thailand 2016

Hey world, good morning.

Today i shall touch on football, firstly the Singaporean football team, the national side was in Myanmar to participate in the Aya bank cup, yesterday for the match i only managed to catch from the 2nd half onward.

From the 2nd half, garbiel quak hit a shot on target early in the 2nd half. 

In the 70 plus minute, fazrul nawaz misplace a shot, he missed a golden chance to score.

Myanmar then keeps attacking Singapore in its half, hassan sunny saves 2 shots on target from goal in a period of 10 minutes, both at around the 80 plus minute mark.

After the final whistle, Singapore wins with the final score 1 - 0. 

Now they face Vietnam in the final.

Secondly, I believe the Singapore under 21 football team was playing Malaysia in the nations cup.

I did not watch that, in was reported that Singapore lost 3 - 0.

I remembered maybe last year in Vietnam, the cubs manage to draw in Vietnam, in the final minutes, the cubs scored the equalizer against Vietnam achieving some placing, i cannot remember his name, if i am not wrong his name is pereira. Singapore won by penalty shoot out.

Thirdly for the king's cup, in Thailand, i rushed to catch a glimpse of the contest. Again in the 2nd half, late into the game. Syria scored against Thailand, the score was 2 - 2. I then saw a Thai player who looks European. Actually there was 2, Anyway i realize it was mika chunuonsee, i knew about him since years ago. I followed Thai football for some years now, they have really progress tremulously, in many ways. 

Gareth bale was his team mate when they were in the welsh youth team. Mika speaks both fluent Thai and English well.  

All the best for Singapore and Thailand for the coming games. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Sleague, sports

Hi, good friday to all, today shall be sports day, i will be covering abit about it.

In singapore, sports has many forms, from the ball sports to the extreme sports, like skateboarding and etc. Football or soccer has been the love for many through out the years. The sleague has been around for a long time, i still follow it, while some lost touch with it.

I believe sports or exercise should be a part of life to be healthy lah, but the concern is that Singapore football has lost a huge amount of its glamour or hype, so to speak. I remember once the sleague had a large audience of locals following, thousands in the numbers, household names like fandi or steven tan. I am not a expert or do i claim to do a self styled know all. I will like to share just what i have.

This is a picture of back in the days, a issue, how many people recognize this, not many i guess.

I aspire to share more through the days. Hope someone sees or cares if not why share. Someone told me sports is about the people, you win, you cry, you lose, you also cry. I personally feel sports is about conquering yourself, pushing your limit, it does not manner if you score the goal or not, this lah that lah, some will argue lah. I will not write about that, like i said before, many have done it.

Support your local football club, any club, anyone please. It may sound like flim-flam but if you do not support your local sports people who will. I am not asking you for the sake of it just go, you go pay, watch a match, see how and decided for yourself.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bao, Mark lee and Kumar

Hey hey hey, how are you people in the world wide web. I hope you are doing fine.

Number one, not a long time ago, while i was watching the news on TV, a short presentation on the screen, touched me. A auntie, her name is Sarah tan, she helps people in need. She uses money, time, most importantly effort, from housing people, giving second chances, even to me that is like taking a high stake gamble in life, risking all.

She deserves not just a pat on the back, because of the choices she make or what, like i said, effort counts. she must have been exhausted.

Please support her business, one is at block 122, Ang Mo Kio, Avenue 3. This is is near the mrt station, the stall opens from morning till afternoon. I believe she have some other locations also, if you are willing with a kind heart, patronize her food stalls, the Bao with a heart.

Now for something more local, Singaporean style, mister mark lee and kumar are comedians, they are very creative, unique, and they are equipped with lots of personal flair. They have a show titled, double trouble. The series showcases topics from talent no enough to make me over, ah beng edition. You can guarantee laughter, confirm plus chop, power ! must watch if not you lugi.

Dun say i never share, this one is really on Singapore, come watch lah, test how well you know Singapore or simply watch on the train or bus while waiting. Best.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My first link, a discovery, FallenSuperheroSG

Hi there people, I am glad to announce my first link to a recommended site, marry thai girl singapore, i will like to thank him for linking me up. From the bottom of my heart, i rate highly his blog as it shows a lot of insightful views and knowledge. Please visit his blog for more details.

For the first subject that i will like to touch on today, i saw on the news that recycling is an issue, i think it is a big problem in the world, i will not touch on the things that many people have touch on, this lah, that lah.

I think for me, the most important point is that i try to reduce and reuse, not to buy, for example batteries. Those you use them once then throw. A few years back i thought of rechargeable batteries. This means that i buy a rechargeable battery and a charger which is AA size. I am able to reuse it again and again, it writes on the label that its usable life is about 10 years, i did not reach the limit yet. But it is still running well. I use it on remote controls for my TV and fan. If i am able to use it for 10 years, i will not just be happy, i think i might save some money in the long run, its not that expensive either, the rechargeable batteries are available in the supermarkets as i bought it from them.

Now the time for the fascinating part, i discover that to see your remote control battery got life or not, use your hand phone camera and point it at the light bulb there. Press and you will see light! if no light, time to change.

To end, for the music lovers out there who loves beats, there is this person who creates good music! His name is fallen super hero SG. Here is one of his master pieces, enjoy.